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рожать ли вместе с мужчиной

рожать ли вместе с мужчиной

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рожать ли вместе с мужчиной, Рожать ли с мужем вместе или не рожать, беременность и , Рожать ли вместе с мужем? | Гармония Жизни, Рожать ли вместе с мужем?, Рожать ли вместе с мужем?, «Роды вместе с мужем»: «Если мужчина нервный или слабый , Партнерские роды. Рожать ли вместе с мужем. А также мнение , Зачем рожать вместе с мужем? Мифы и предрассудки .
Не пропусти Relationships, psychology, health, crafts, family and more Главная 7 Pregnancy and childbirth 7 Whether to give birth with a husband or not to give birth, pregnancy and childbirth Whether to give birth with a husband or not to give birth, pregnancy and childbirth My husband and I were going to have a baby together. I read about the fact that men who saw the first moments of the life of their child love him very much, and the kind of suffering of his wife makes him treat her with great respect and sympathy.But then I read other opinions. That men often faint at childbirth, that the kind of childbirth makes them disgusted, and then they can no longer treat their wife with the same tenderness as before.I then hesitated. I also remembered how Sasha (my husband) almost fainted when my ears were pierced. It was really painful, but he strongly empathized me.But still went together to the hospital and agreed that we will give birth together. All decided case. My birth began a week early. And therefore, there was no talk of joint deliveries – after all, this requires a separate chamber, which must be negotiated in advance.They said that my husband would interfere with other parturient women – after all, they could only put me in the common ward. So I went to give birth alone. And, frankly, I do not regret. Unfortunately, the maternity hospital at that time was in a rather sad state: all the women in labor were given nighties of an eerie type. The toilet was one for all – only 2 cabins worked in it. And not everyone could get there on their own.Urgent delivery I had urgent deliveries. But there was no normal anesthesia. Yes, it is in our hospital and now there is no. They prick any nonsense, like noshpy, from which it is not at all easier. And they say it doesn’t hurt you.In general, I screamed not childly. It would hardly have helped if my husband held my hand. It was necessary to normal anesthesia. Now I would never go to give birth in our hospital, I would go to Moscow. And then this was nothing, and we also had no money for normal deliveries.But she gave birth quickly, literally in 2 hours. Sasha first went all the time around the maternity hospital, and then went home. And immediately he got a call that I gave birth. He did not even believe that so quickly.And I, again, having read various books, asked that the child be immediately applied to the breast. But I just put him close, because I was very exhausted and I was told that they would bring feed when I rest.The first acquaintance with the child I lay and looked at him, trying to memorize his face. You know, they used to write in newspapers that children in maternity hospitals are often confused and bring the wrong ones. And then after many years it turns out. The features of the newborn were completely incomprehensible. When my acquaintances asked me what kind of person he looked like, I honestly answered that it was a wrinkled pear.My boy had a very bright distinctive feature: there was a bright red spot on his forehead due to urgent childbirth. I recognized him from this spot. Now it is brightened, and it is almost invisible. The midwife also said that he had very beautiful eyelashes and a dimple on his cheek. 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Another fantastic bill is considered by our State Duma (ie, Russian). Fantastic not because of ... Two of my friends from the USA and France gave birth to babies about a ...The first pregnancy is a very exciting event. Many women have many fears before giving ... I did not know how my husband in labor could help me, but I was ... When I was not yet pregnant, I talked about childbirth. It was then that it ... At the end of September of this year, I went to visit relatives in Austria. ... Births abroad last 10 years are rapidly gaining popularity. Someone is going to give birth ... I always dreamed of not feeling fear during childbirth. Always very diligently looking for information ... Childbirth without pain. It would seem that this is impossible if you do not conduct ...I was completely normal, without much difficulty, pregnancy. Childbirth was soft and fast. But all ... Ever since the evening of March 24, I began to smack my stomach, giving me ... Recently, the term obstetric institution caught my eye, and a caustic sarcastic smile spread across ... , Мы с мужем собирались рожать малыша вместе. Я начиталась про то, что мужчины, видевшие первые мгновения жизни своего ребенка, очень его любят, да и вид, Однозначного ответа нет, здесь многое зависит от человека — готов ли он, хочет ли, устойчив ли он морально и т.д. Если вы решили, что будете рожать вместе, то надо подыскать роддом, где партнерские роды разрешены или же .
Во многих семьях возникает вопрос: рожать с мужем или без него? Однозначного ответа нет, здесь многое зависит от человека — готов ли он, хочет ли, устойчив ли он морально и т.д., Рожать ли вместе с мужем? Чем ближе момент родов, тем больше будущая мама начинает беспокоиться., Были! Я думала, как я буду выглядеть в этот момент, не повлияет ли это на секс. Но желание чувствовать единение с мужчиной в такой важный момент жизни было сильнее., Рожать ли вместе с мужем. А также мнение мужчины сразу же возник вопрос рожать вместе или одной. Я видела, что муж не особо настроен на совместные роды, поэтому не настаивала, оставила , Стало очень модно рожать вместе с мужем. Журналы для беременных пестрят статьями о том, как этот процесс укрепляет семью, сплачивает супругов, мужчина от этого становится суперотцом, привязанным к ребенку не меньше , Стоит ли РОЖАТЬ вместе с мужем? или поберечь? как это делают в Канаде Корейский Хомяк Нужно ли это? Так .
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